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Be a Contributor for Survivehive!

Survivehive is looking for contributors!

This website aims to be a very useful resource for preppers and disaster preparedness enthusiasts. The methods which are considered to be “most efficient” often chance with new technology released each passing year. As such, we understand that there is a constant need to keep our information pool fresh and relevant.

We’re always looking to add new blood to our ranks! Just who are we looking for though? Read on!

Are you a fellow prepper?

A prepper is someone who takes preparedness and self-sustainability their personal responsibility. We are always looking for fellow preppers who are still very active in the life. We admire the dedication and gumption that it takes to being consistent with such a demanding life.

We understand it isn’t easy and our readers know that as well. If we want to deliver information that they can trust, we need writers that are serious with their survivalism.

We would love have you if you:

  • Have first hand experience in the prepper/survivalism lifestyle
  • Have your own homestead currently in the works
  • Have tips and tricks for gardening and hydroponics
  • Have written about any wood work on shelters or bunkers

 If you believe that you’ve got sufficient interest and hands-on experience with prepping, we’d love to hear from you. It is important to spread more awareness about the concept of survivalism and disaster preparedness. If you have any questions or concerns or would like to reach us to be a contributor, you can do so through 910-326-0285.