5 Emergency Candle DIYs out of Common Objects

Emergency Preparedness is an important part of prepping for SHTF. When you are caught in a dire situation, you will need all the skills you have for the best chances of survival and thriving. I remember that when I was a kid, knowing how to make fire and make emergency candles is a common camping knowledge but the art is lost in the current generation. If you want your children and loved ones to be prepared and equipped for SHTF scenarios, it won’t hurt to teach them how to make these 5 emergency candles, in fact, it can even be a fun family activity!

Olive Oil Emergency Candle

Because olive oil is in liquid form, sticking a wick on it may not be easy. You can easily make an olive oil emergency candle by using a flattened paperclip to hold the wick/cotton string on the side of a glass jar filled with olive oil. Light up and you have a candle!

Orange Emergency Candle

Okay, this one is beautiful and smells great, so you might have fun doing this emergency candle even when there is no emergency. Just cut an orange in half, carefully peel off the peel, making sure it is kept intact and ensuring that the core remains attached to the peel. Fill the orange peel with the core half with olive oil and light up.

For more details on how to make a combo olive oil and orange candle, check out the video below:


Crayon Emergency Candle

There are two ways to make candles out of crayons. The first one is just like making a regular candle, which is just melting the crayons and pouring it over a wick on a mold. The hardened crayon with a wick on it is then a new candle. That process takes longer and is not really apt for emergency preparedness and prepping for SHTF. A crayon emergency candle for SHTF is basically just lighting up a crayon just like you would a birthday candle. The wrapper will serve as a wick and one piece of crayon would actually give you light for a good few hours.

Here’s how to do it:

Old Candle turned Emergency Candle

In an emergency situation, it is not like you can go out and buy more candles when you run out of them so knowing how to get the most use of out every little bit is always good to know. Simply collect the wax from old candles and melt them all together to use as material to make brand new candles! Pour the melted wax over a mold with a wick set o it and you’ll have new candles in no time. This is a great money saver too!

Here’s a video on how to get the most out of your old candles:


Crisco Emergency Candle

Okay, just to inform naysayers as early as now, Crisco is not made from animal fat. It is just vegetable shortening so it won’t give off fumes associated with animal fat candles. To make a Crisco emergency candle, just shove 1-4 pieces of strings or a candle wicks unto an open tub of Crisco. Make sure the wick makes it to the bottom. Depending on use and how big the strings are, the Crisco emergency candle will actually burn for up to 45 days, whoa!


As a dad, a part of me wishes I wouldn’t have to need these emergency preparedness skills but since we don’t know what can happen, it is always better to know how to these this prepping skills. Even if you are not into SHTF prepping, some of these emergency preparedness ideas are actually just practical tips you can use on everyday life.

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