Not All Doom and Gloom: the 2017 Prepper Revolution

BLOG - Not All Doom and Gloom: the 2017 Prepper Revolution

There have been a lot negative connotations thrown around about the idea of “preppers” or “survivalists”. Today, we look deeper into those concepts and see if it is all just doom and gloom.

What is a “prepper” or a “survivalist”?

A prepper is generally anyone who has taken it into his or her hands to prepare wholly and completely for disasters than can occur. They make sure that they have all the things they need to sufficiently and comfortably survive in the event of any unfortunate events—both manmade and natural.

There are a lot of negative notions that are held about preppers. It doesn’t particularly help that a certain TV show has pretty much given the world the impression that preppers are all—for a lack of a better term—crazy. They are normally grouped together and lumped as “paranoid individuals” or “Negative Nancy”. However, preppers would like to beg to differ.

However, if you’ve ever seen any sort of disaster movie or apocalypse themed film, you will always find that the prepper is either of two things:

  • Willing to help others in exchange for “services”
  • A “redneck” with sisters/wives

It’s simply disingenuous. Just because you’re a prepper doesn’t mean that you’re a gun-toting, paramilitary nut. There are preppers that come as a shock because “they seem so normal”. Just as “normal” people come in many different flavors, preppers do as well. After all, we’re all human just like you are. In fact, even the rich and famous have started to prep for disaster.

If there is anything you can take away from such movies, it is that it is the preppers that often sought for in the times of need. This is simply because they have made it their mission to stockpile food, prepare shelter, and be self-sustaining. They don’t have to run around looking for ways to survive.

prep - Not All Doom and Gloom: the 2017 Prepper Revolution

Most people don’t even bother to prepare until it’s too late. We’ve seen this all the time. Whenever there’s a looming shortage of anything, you will see dozens and dozen of panicked individuals running to the grocery store and stockpiling basic necessities. However, you will rarely ever see a prepper among them. This is simply because preppers have already done the work before everyone else even realized there was work to do.

More and more people are turning toward educating themselves with the whole prepper/survivalist movement and that’s not something we are mad at. In fact, we’re glad that more and more people are realizing how incredibly vulnerable they are when they do not even have a bug-out bag ready. The preppers that are already fairly active are more than willing to share their knowledge on how to prep properly and what things you may need like a survival kit.

It’s the year 2017 and preppers the world over heave a collective sigh of relief that more and more people are realizing that the prepper community is one that is positive and helpful. Shake off the doom and gloom image people! Preppers are actually here to help.

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