Survival Tips for Before SHTF!

Blog10 - Survival Tips for Before SHTF!

Survivehive has emphasized again and again how disasters can happen at any given moment. With that in mind, tune in for some critical SHTF survival tips. If you aren’t aware, when preppers say SHTF—it pretty much means worst case scenario. So let’s say that disaster strikes, earthquakes, aliens, civil unrest, whatever—what do you do? Sometimes just thinking about it doesn’t help. You need to prepare. In order to be ready before stuff hits the fan, buckle up and take notes, it may just save your life. Get fit and learn…

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Newbie Prepper Mistakes That are Easy to Avoid

Blog5 - Newbie Prepper Mistakes That are Easy to Avoid

As more and more people are now getting into the prepping lifestyle, more and more people are making newbie mistakes that can end up costing them a lot later on. Tune in to see the mistakes that you can easily avoid and how. A lot of people seem to underestimate the dedication required to successfully prep for any emergency situations. We received a lot of questions regarding “did I do this right?” and a lot of the time we had to be the bearer of bad news. So in order…

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Food Quandary: How to Avoid Choosing the Wrong Prepper Food

Blog4 - Food Quandary: How to Avoid Choosing the Wrong Prepper Food

Food is everything—especially in emergency situations. Preppers have all sorts of food that they stock but which one works well for you? Today, we discuss how to avoid choosing the wrong food for you. One of the most important things in life (other than water) is food. It gives us energy to keep going and frankly it keeps us alive. Whenever you go through other prepper websites, one of the things that are usually heavily discussed is the concept of food. There are several blogs and sites that will pitch…

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Not All Doom and Gloom: the 2017 Prepper Revolution

BLOG - Not All Doom and Gloom: the 2017 Prepper Revolution

There have been a lot negative connotations thrown around about the idea of “preppers” or “survivalists”. Today, we look deeper into those concepts and see if it is all just doom and gloom. What is a “prepper” or a “survivalist”? A prepper is generally anyone who has taken it into his or her hands to prepare wholly and completely for disasters than can occur. They make sure that they have all the things they need to sufficiently and comfortably survive in the event of any unfortunate events—both manmade and natural.…

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5 Emergency Candle DIYs out of Common Objects

Emergency Preparedness is an important part of prepping for SHTF. When you are caught in a dire situation, you will need all the skills you have for the best chances of survival and thriving. I remember that when I was a kid, knowing how to make fire and make emergency candles is a common camping knowledge but the art is lost in the current generation. If you want your children and loved ones to be prepared and equipped for SHTF scenarios, it won’t hurt to teach them how to make…

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How To Cook Using Your Vehicles Engine

Being the dad in the family means that I have certain responsibilities to uphold, such as being able to do things with cars. I’m not really a fan of “wrenching” per se but I do like to cook. I re-read  Manifold Destiny: The One! The Only! Guide to Cooking on Your Car Engine! the other day and it hit me – BLAM! I could be the cool dad and cook with my vehicle. How awesome is that? …. I wouldn’t recommend doing this everyday, but in a pinch this method of cooking…

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