Throwback: Reviewing the Whalen Industrial Rack Shelf

Blog11 - Throwback: Reviewing the Whalen Industrial Rack Shelf

When you’re a prepper, shelving is an absolute NEED. Join us as we look back on our review of the Whalen Industrial Rack Shelf. We like giving throwbacks because looking back gives us the hindsight on how effective old tips and reviews were. Survivehive is very pleased to find that even with its age, the Whalen Industrial Rack Shelf does not disappoint.

We first got the industrial shelf from Costco for $130 (bear with us, at the time it was huge). It was a fairly simple assembly. The box came with four shelves and everything was pretty solid once it was all put together. The dimensions are 77” width and 24” in depth and 72” in height. So it’s fairly large.

This only means that it’ll be able to store more items. What came as a bit surprising are the wire shelves. While they do sit on the frame in a manner that keeps them still, it’ll be hard to put down anything that has little stub or little legs (like most small containers). However, beyond that, it’s actually all pretty above board.

After we put the shelf together, it was overall pretty sturdy and was able to handle a LOT of our prepper stuff: cans, tool boxes, and many other things. While the box it came it said that it would be able to hold up to 2000 pounds in weight, at the time, we didn’t test it. However, now, after years of usage, it can hold up a lot of things. The metal is still pretty intact—no massive rusting. But that can also be a result of the controlled environment.

From then to now, the Whalen industrial rack shelf is proving that it was a good buy. Personally, what a lot of us liked was that assembly was fairly straight forward. You just had to put stuff together and put it up. There wasn’t anything complicated about it. What we would suggest is to bring along a friend when you’re bringing your shelf purchase home. It’s heavy!

Good thing now is that you can have it delivered. Also, there are newer storage options that Whalen provides. So consumers now have bigger options for shelving. When you’re planning on becoming a legitimate prepper, don’t ever take shelving for granted. It will keep your stocks safe and will provide you with a better chance of properly inventorying your stuff.

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