The Many Different Uses of a Camping Kettle

Blog9 - The Many Different Uses of a Camping Kettle

For anyone who loves going outdoors, it’s important to arm yourself with tools that you can use for a variety of purposes. The camping kettle is one such thing! We at Survivehive love to go out and enjoy the outdoors (when we’re not prepping).

When you’re out camping or just taking a break from the hustle and bustle of life, this doesn’t mean that you have to completely do without modern comforts. One of those is a camping kettle. Back in the earliest days of being out in the wilderness, there wasn’t much option other than lighting a big fire and hanging a cauldron over the flame. It wasn’t very easy to use and it often resulted in a lot of fires or burned food.

Today, there are better ways to get your morning coffee or get your camping cookout started without putting the surrounding nature in danger. This is why it was such a big deal when the first forms of the camping kettle came about. Let’s take a closer look at the many different uses of a camping kettle!


Many latter versions of the camping kettle (like the Kelly Kettle) combine everything—the roaring contained fire, the place where you heat water, and the place you cook. This meant that everything was safely contained. There would be no risk of a rogue wind coming in to blow embers into some dry grass. It saves of space in your carrying gear as well. As camping kettles are usually slim yet go upward, they don’t take that much space. They also offer you a lot in terms of the amount of water in can contain and the food it can cook.

kettle2 - The Many Different Uses of a Camping Kettle

It’s a good heater

Depending on the material of your camping kettle, you can even use it as a tent heater. Certain materials keep warm for longer periods of time (thank you, technology) and do not burn so it’s safe to put down within a tent. For the more modern camper, there is a tube and a pump that you can link to your hot kettle. You can then proceed to pump the warm air into the tent.

Hot water is no longer a pipe dream

In the earliest days of camping, hot water was pretty much a dream. Hikers and mountaineers often end up huddling together to stay warm. However, with camping kettles in the picture, anyone you wants hot coco, hot coffee, or even a fresh batch of noodles or soup can have access to it.

kettle - The Many Different Uses of a Camping Kettle

It’s extra storage space

While it’s in your bag, you can put things inside it. You can keep your tinder in there or your packets of food. It’s economical and practical. That way, you don’t have to scrounge around your gear to find everything food related. Even if it’s gotten a bit dark, having everything in the place that’s related to it is a smart move.

As you can see, there are a lot of many ways to make use of a camping kettle.

What do you use your camping kettle for?

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