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What is a survivor?

  • A person that remains alive following an event wherein other people have died.
  • A person that copes spectacularly well after a happening wherein extreme difficulties lay ahead.

If you want to be a survivor, it would be important to pay close attention to this website!

What is Survivehive?

Survive hive is a resource website that discusses various topics regarding prepping for disasters (both natural and man-made), being self-sufficient and sustainable, and being fully equipped and educated to face whatever comes your way.

We discuss do it yourself projects, as well as basic information you will need to know when you find yourself in dangerous situations.

Our writers are all preppers themselves. They draw from their own personal experiences and projects to provide you with the latest, practical, and tested information. When you’re a prepper, you should not leave anything to “maybe it’ll work”. You have to select only the tried and tested things for your own homestead situation. Save yourself all the hassle of trial and error by tuning in to see our articles and frank discussions about being a survivalist.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may reach us through 910-326-0285.